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Borehole Drillers
We drill it, you drink it.

We are dedicated borehole drillers; our business is designed for optimum flexibility so we can meet your specific needs – on time and within budget. You can rely on us for all things borehole drilling related!

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Why Global Water Drillers?


Borehole drillers and related industry experts are in great demand as they are specialists who do one thing and do it well.


Global Water Drillers have the skills and experience to tackle the project no matter how remote, hard to access or technologically challenging.


We can grasp the need and importance of borehole drilling which is why we are committed to achieve the highest standard of excellence and service delivery in this area of your concern.

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Boreholes have to be drilled for a wide range of purposes, including water wells, gas exploration, waste water treatment and more. Add to this the fact that you must adhere to strict environmental and safety regulations, then you start to see why it’s not easy! Let us lend you a helping hand with all aspects of borehole drilling – from sourcing equipment to project management to drilling itself. Take a look at how we can improve your bottom line…

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We’re in the business of saving millions of lives each year through access to clean drinking water. As borehole drillers, we found an effective way to supply communities with safe water boreholes while providing the most sustainable solutions.

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